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- Many Europeans learn to speak and read in two to three languages.    - It is common for a child in Switzerland to learn French at home, then Italian at school, and German during college.    - Our brains are built to learn language.    - Children are turbo-charged by Nature to learn language at a young age. Mixing of words may happen but it is short-lived and serves to exercise the brain.    - Children are extremely sensitive to language. Their brains are agile enough to develop two language systems simultaneously.    - Bilingual children often out-perform monolingual children on tests that require them to ignore distracting information. They can focus more intently on the task at hand.    - Most children outside of the United States grow up surrounded by more than one language. For example, in Taiwan, children speak Taiwanese at home and then Chinese and English in school.    - Bilingualism is required if we want to prepare our children for their future place in a global economy.   



What students, parents and teachers say about Fun Languages:

Thank you for your excellent work with our daughter! Lily has had a great year and continues to impress us with her knowledge. We look forward to resuming next year.

-- Mandy Harrell


Fun Languages is a perfect opportunity to "keep the pot boiling" with a child who has had exposure to French through a parent, grandparent, or intensive cross-cultural experience in a francophone country. In the absence of this type of "pot boiling," most children will quickly forget French even when they were fluent as a child.

My daughter may not be ready for the SAT in French but she is still actively talking and thinking in French thanks to the bi-weekly lessons she has through the program.

-- Della McMillian-Wilson


I just wanted to thank you for teaching my kids at Flowers Montessori School. I am so happy my kids get to hear French somewhere other than just a little at home. I truly appreciate your going to schools to teach kids. It's awesome!

-- Valerie Hoffer


I just wanted to tell you how well yesterday’s class went for my son. I couldn’t believe how excited he was. On the way out of the parking lot he loudly exclaimed, “I LOVE FRENCH!” Now I had fully expected that he would like it, but this far exceeded my expectations. He really hit it off with Katarina and is excited about making a new friend. He added that he was glad his friend Ellie had not taken the class with him after all, as then he would have missed out on making new friends.

As for me, I was so impressed with your teaching. You are a wonderful teacher, so engaging. Any child would have difficulty resisting being drawn into the conversations.

Thanks so much for doing this.

-- Michelle Foster


Our second-grade children have been enrolled in the Fun Languages Spanish program since kindergarten. We have been pleased with the quality of instruction and the teaching staff provided by Kaydie. The children particularly have enjoyed the summer camps where they learned Spanish songs and games and cooked special foods. The Fun Languages Gainesville program has been great for our kids.

-- The Sanchez Family

Our French classes are so much fun. And I appreciate your flexibility -- we can be as serious as we want to be (grammar and vocabulary and all that stuff) or as relaxed as we want to be (spend the evening conversing in French). It's much more satisfying than the typical classroom atmosphere. And what a surprise it was to be able to navigate on vacation in France after less than a year in your classes. Thanks for continuing to make the whole experience so worthwhile. Merci beaucoup!

-- Sarah Daly

Adult Student

I signed up for an adult French class just to "get in shape" for a trip to Paris. But I got so much more out of the experience than that. Weekly French lessons with Kaydie were much more fun than the ones I experienced in school. She's lively, interesting, knowledgeable and very supportive -- she put my fears of "actually speaking out loud in French" ( c'est formidable!) at ease.

Of course, we reviewed and practiced the basics...but we actually had conversations in French about real issues, and we practiced dialogues about things I would encounter later in my travels. There are also useful tapes that I would listen to in my car while traveling around town, and they reinforced what we were practicing in the lessons.

My husband, who did not study French in school, learned a good bit too, because Kaydie was able to direct our lesson so that both of us could advance.
I recommend Fun Languages to anyone who wishes to learn and play at the same time. Kaydie gives you confidence!

-- Marilyn Tubb

Associate Vice President, College Relations

Santa Fe College


For several years I had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my classroom at Littlewood Elementary School with Fun Languages. This afternoon program teaches both Spanish and French to young children. As I continued my after-school work of grading papers and gathering materials for the next day, the French and Spanish classes would be in session. It was so much fun to see these students come in and have so many wonderful experiences as they learned a new language. Learning basic conversational phrases, colors and numbers through the use of games and team play was exciting to watch. My favorite days were the ones when the cooking experiences were involved. Lots of hands-on learning.


-- Virginia Dolder

Elementary school teacher


Un bonbon s'il vous plaît? (A candy if you please?)
When you’re eight, this is the most important phrase you can learn in any language.

I received French lessons from Madame Vistelle of Fun Languages while I was in 2nd grade. At the time I don't think that my eight year old self could fully appreciate the ability to ask for un bonbon (candy) or how to say my name and other pleasantries nor did I think that learning another language would stick with me through the years. Instead, what I remember most about Fun Languages isn't doing exercises from a worksheet, or reading out of a French book, but really learning not only the language, but about the culture of France in the class. Singing songs, making crepes, as well as friends are memories that I cherish deeply. It also gave me the desire to travel to France and experience the people, language and culture first hand. Especially after tasting Madame's crepes!

I really wasn't sure how much of the French language I had retained from my FL classes until I began taking French again in high school, I was surprised in thinking that I had an advantage on the pronunciation of the language over other kids in the class.

Later when I traveled to France (with Madame Vistelle on her tours of Provence) for the first time, I realized that while one may be able to get by speaking English in a foreign country, the natives really respect you more if you make in effort to speak their language. The French people were very encouraging when I attempted to use French with them despite many mistakes. Knowing a second language is also an asset in the professional arena as well. While I'm not proficient enough in French to be considered fluent, applications for jobs and schools always have an area for languages spoken and on interviews; potential employers are always very receptive to having even the basics in a language.

I'm really grateful to Fun Languages and Madame Vistelle for the lessons I received. They instilled in me a passion for other cultures and travel.

Now after having experienced a taste of France, I really want to visit other places in the world and expose myself to other cultures (and food!).

-- Lauren Enkerud

College student



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